Updae on fundraising for new Rude Park building
Aug 11, 2020
Jenna Spendlove
Updae on fundraising for new Rude Park building


Jenna Spendlove’s experience covers over 20 years of fundraising and event planning for a wide variety of organizations and individuals.  She thrives in team environments and working for a “cause” to make the world a better place.  To that end, she worked on behalf of ALS/Never Surrender to promote modernization of ALS research techniques.  Jenna has also worked for the Foundation for Water Education Colorado and the Colorado Water Wise Council, increasing awareness of important water issues.  Additionally she assisted with meeting and conference coordination for the Colorado Banker’s Association as well as their political action committee.

Jenna has planned and coordinated events of all sizes, from small school related parties up to Presidential Balls and receptions.  She prides herself on responsibility, integrity, confidentiality and commitment to her client’s organizations and purpose.  She wants things ‘crisp and clean’ and will stress over the smallest of details to make sure everything is perfect.  She is highly skilled at working with multiple stakeholders, including staff, volunteers, VIP elected officials, vendors, Boards of Directors, and major donors.

Jenna is the owner entrepreneur of Revolutionary Remedies Health and Wellness, and a certified DoTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate.  She has served on the Board of the Sand Creek Regional Greenway organization, dedicated to education and clean-up of the greenway.  She was recently recognized as a Top Fan by the Ohio State Buckeye’s Facebook page.  She is a fanatic college football fan, Colorado Rockies and NASCAR fan, but saves her loudest cheers for her son’s State Championship winning Marching Band.