Denver Lions Club Meeting - Tuesday Sept 11
Denver Lions Club Meeting
September 11  Tuesday
Noon to 1:30
Maggianno's on 16th St Mall
Sept 11 - Speaker - Dr. Canto-Soler - RMLEI
Stem Cell Research and Restoring Sight
Dr. Canto-Soler completed her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at Austral University in Argentina and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University. She joined the Wilmer faculty as a research associate in 2006 and was promoted to assistant professor in 2008. In July 2017 she joined the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine as the Doni Solich Family Chair in Ocular Stem Cell Research and the Director of CellSight – the Ocular Stem Cell and Regeneration Research Program. Over the years she has received several national and international awards including the POEN Award for Best Research Study in Ophthalmology, the Alcon Research Institute Young Investigator Award, and the William & Mary Greve Special Scholar Award from Research to Prevent Blindness. She has also been named Outstanding Personality by the Council of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in recognition to her scientific contributions.
Using human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC), a type of stem cells that can be generated from cells obtained from adult persons, Dr. Canto-Soler and her research team have recently established a method to generate light-sensitive miniature human retinas in a laboratory dish. At CellSight, they are currently using this breakthrough technology to develop novel stem cell-based therapeutics to save and restore sight in patients with blinding diseases
It is time for KidSight
KidSight is starting up.  We need some help.  Contact Lion Fletcher  303.619.8486   Below are the upcoming screenings:
Monday Sept 10
1200 East 78th Ave
Denver, CO  80229
Wednesday Sept 12
660 West 70th Ave
Denver, CO  80221
Monday Sept 17
8990 York St
Thorton, CO  80229
Wednesday Sept 19
1151 Newport St
Denver, CO  80220
A fun time at the Denver Lions Picnic
Forty-one Lions and guests attended the 2018 Denver Lions summer picnic at the Railroad museum in Golden on August 25th.  Lions Bill Henderson, Railroad Museum Trustee welcomed everyone to the museum.  The Railroad Museum provided the pavilion and free admission to Lions and guests again this year in exchange for volunteer Lion help with their Thomas the Train event.  Members should be signing -up to volunteer to the event during the next three September weekends.
Museum Board President Al Blount also made an appearance.  Members and guests were able to ask questions and get first hand answers from President Al.  The Denver Lions are fortunate to have this relationship with the museum.
President Susy also welcomed Lions and guests to the picnic.  Members were especially happy to see Lion Joe Beaghler at the event after recuperating from a fall sustained at the Lions Camp in April of this year.  Big thanks to Lions Em Bails who brought Lion Joe to the picnic. 
Lions and guests enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs prepared on a grill provided by Lion David Lambert.  Members and guests provided side dishes and deserts in abundance. 
Thomas the Train
SAVE THE DATES FOR LION VOLUNTEERING  A “Day out with Thomas” at the Colorado Railroad Museum.
The Railroad museum is hosting the “Thomas the Tank Engine” for the 17thconsecutive year and the Denver Lions have an opportunity to be Thomas Volunteers and help with this year’s program.  Last year there were 14 Denver Lions volunteered 32 shifts and the all said they had a blast.  With the number of volunteers, the Museum did not charge us for the use of the pavilion.  We again need volunteers this year.
Thomas will be running on three weekends.  September 8/9, 15/16, 22/23
If you would like to help, you can sign up for a shift in the morning, afternoon or all day on any one or more of the six days.
It is a fun time and you will be a part of making a lot of little kids very happy.  Thomas the Train is a big deal for the little kids.
If you are interested, please contact:
Lion Bill Henderson    (303) 638-8690.
He will provide information about the activities, shift starting times, directions, lunch card, Thomas T-Shirt, parking pass and some quick training.
Again, this year we are having “Lions End of Summer Picnic”  at the Colorado Railroad Museum on Saturday August 25.
KidSight screens 52,110 kids!!!!
Colorado Lions KidSight Program Annual Report - Lion Holly
Final Numbers for 2017-2018!
As you know, our KidSight Colorado program would not exist without the dedicated work of all of our Lion volunteers throughout the state.  We had a small decline in the number of children screened from last year.  We had growth from last year in districts 6SE and 6W and declines in the other two districts.  With your help we will ensure that Colorado’s young children are identified and treated for vision problems that can impede learning and prevent vision loss associated with amblyopia (lazy eye).
District            # Screened              # Referred          Rate of Referral %
6C                     `31,165                      3,148                  0.1
6NE                       7,564                         736                  9.7
6SE                        4,991                         566                 11.3
6W                         8,390                         624                  7.4
Total Screened: 52,110
Total Referrals:    5,074
Referral rate for Colorado:   9.7%
Breakdown by Type of Vision Problem
The following is a breakdown of the types of vision problems identified this year by percentage.
Anisocoria                                                            .03%
Anisometropia                                                   10.9%
Astigmatism                                                      39.2%
Hyperopia                                                            5.3%
Myopia                                                                 3.6%
Strabismus                                                         1.6%
Two or more vision problems                        14.4%
Other                                                                   24.6%  
Save the dates for upcoming Lion Events
Upcoming Denver Lions events.
  • Saturday Sept 8 – Denver Lions Board Retreat for past and present board and past presidents
  • Tuesday Sept 11 – Denver Lions Club meeting with a speaker from RMLEI
  • Wednesday Sept 12 – Rude Park board meeting
  • Tuesday Sept 18 - Lions Mixer at Brian Henderson's home
  • Tuesday Sept 25 – Denver Lions Club meeting
  • Tuesday Oct 2 – Lions Meeting – Service Tuesday at the Baptist Church
  • Tuesday Oct 9 - Denver Lions Club meeting
We Serve
Part of being a Lion is We Serve.  We all know we all have busy schedules but being a Lion is serving even in a small way.  We have small project where we could use help.
  • Recycle for Sight Collection Boxes
  • Lions Poster Contest
  • Meeting Program Team
  • Speech Contest Leader
Recycle for Sight Collection
One of the programs Lions are well know is the collection of used glasses.  Colorado Lions collect over 60,000 glasses a year which are give to those in need around the world.  The Denver Lions has sponsored over 100 collection boxes and we continue to receive new requests.  This is a very easy volunteer activity.
All that is required is to check on the boxes every 1-3 months and pick up the glasses.  Some locations are more active than others.  Then take the glasses to the Denver Lion office or to a club meeting.   That is it!!  You can sign up for one or more locations.  Generally, we can find locations convenient for you.
We really need help as some of our Lions are no longer able to collect glasses.  Contact Lion Fletcher to volunteer.   303.619.8486
Lions Poster Contest
LCI provides the materials and theme for the year.  It is short time frame.  The process:
  1. Contact the art teachers for their interest. We will have a list of contacts.  We would like 6 schools participating next 3-4 weeks as schools are opening.
  2. The awards to each of the top three poster are given gift cards and certificates.  Teacher judges the posters.
  3. Visit the schools to introduce yourself, deliver materials and review the program  Provide gift card to teacher for materials. 
  4. Go back to school before Nov 13 to make awards to students and pickup one poster.
  5. At the Lion Meeting on Nov 13 the Lions will judge the wining poster from the schools.
  6. Send winning poster to District Governor by Nov 15
  7. Either go back to the schools or send the winners the gift card awards
A short easy project that one or several Lions can do.  Please get involved by contacting Lion Fletcher   303.619.8486
Meeting Program Team
This is not as hard as it may sound.  There are a lot of people out there who would like to speak to us.  We need to search for the right ones.  We already have several scheduled.  We already have an extensive list.  We need a committee of three with Fletcher being the leader for this year.  So what would the team do:
  • Meet one time for probably two hours as early as possible to prioritize possible speakers and get organized.  After one meeting most of what needs to be done is by email and telephone.
  • With the priority set we send email to the potential speaker.  We have developed and basic email for the speaker invitation which can be altered for your style.  Sometimes a phone call is needed.
  • We will have a google share spreadsheet to enter when we have scheduled a speaker.
  • Once you scheduled a speaker you will follow up a week or two before the meeting to confirm.  We have a confirmation email you can alter is needed.
  • We try to schedule out as far as possible. We need 1 in September, October is full, just 12 more for the balance of the year.
Speech Contest Leader
This one is really easy.  Three schools with debate teams have a speech contest based on the topic we provide.  The winner of each school comes to one of our meetings to give their speech. The Lions at the meeting judge the speech and gift cards are awarded.  The winner at our club will go to the district and possibly onto the state contest.  There are gift card awards at each level.  Here is what team would do:
  • Need one to three people to meet with each school’s teacher / debate coach and provide details of the program. We have the details and judging materials.
  • The teacher fits our program into there other programs and finds a date to have the school contest.
  • The Lion would attend the contest and make the gift card awards.  The teacher judges the speakers.
  • The speech contest at our meeting is on April 9 so the school contest can be any time before then.  Depending on the teacher there may need to be some follow up
  • If necessary help arrange for the student to come to the meeting.  The teachers and parents are also invited.
Please get involved being on the Speech Contest team and contact Lion Fletcher   303.619.8486
Englewood Community Golf Cup
Help support the Club buy King Soopers Cards,
A Call to Action
This weeks edition of A Call to Action is:
Sign up for a service project 
Upcoming Events
Sep 05, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Sep 07, 2018
8:30 AM – 2:03 PM
Lions Board Retreat
Savio House
Sep 08, 2018
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Sep 10, 2018
8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Lions Club Meeting
Sep 11, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Sep 12, 2018
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Sep 12, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Sep 17, 2018
8:30 AM – 11:35 AM
Lions Mixer Sept 18
Brian's Home
Sep 18, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Sep 19, 2018
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Sep 11, 2018
Stem cells and restoring sight
Oct 09, 2018
Oct 23, 2018
Latest Eye Disease Research
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