This Week in the Roarings
This issue of the Roarings has more information than usual about our Summer Events and upcoming service opportunities.   Even though it is summer Denver Lions are still active. 
  • Summer Event Summary
  • Lion End of Summer Picnic Saturday Sept 2
  • Savio House school supplies
  • Third Thursday Mixer Aug 24
  • Lions on TV
  • KidSight starting up
  • KidSight at Dragon Boat
  • Congratulations to Lion Tim O'Brien
This Week's Speaker - Lion Tish Taylor
What is JAG, JAG Corps or a Judge Advocate General Officer?
Our own Lion Tish Taylor will give us insight into her experience as a JAG Officer in the Middle East and at home.  Tish retired as a Captain from the JAG Corps, moved to Colorado and joined Lions all in the same year.  
The Centennial Patron Party
The Centennial Patron Party
Denver Lions who have contributed $1,000 or more to the Centennial Campaign, and those of you who plan to do so, are invited to the Centennial Patron Party  If you made contributions this year to either the Foundation or the Club, including sponsoring an ad in Centennial History book, those amounts count toward the $1,000 to be recognized as a Centennial Patron. Further, you can pledge $1,000 (or the balance to get to $1,000) to be paid by September 1, 2017.  Centennial Patrons will be listed in the Denver Lions Centennial Celebration Dinner Program  
Event: Centennial Patron Party
Date:  July 13. 2017
Time:  5 – 7 pm
Location:  Cactus Club, 1621 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202  (303) 623-4009
Contacts:  Marie Belew Wheatley  303.921.9050
Al Cook 303.572.6650
Annual Golf Outing
Need a little fun!  Our annual Golf Outing should prove again to be a great roundup to the year. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A GOLFER TO JOIN IN THE FUN!
We play a simple scramble that anyone, and I mean anyone, can play.  And if you don't play, we have a great dinner and awards afterwards that takes no special talent to attend!
In celebration of our 100 years, we just might have a few special guests at our golf event also.  Jack, Tiger, Dustin, Jordan, and even Arnie (we have connections) have expressed an interest in attending!  You sure wouldn't want to miss that!
here are the details:
  • Golf starts at noon on June 17th at Meadow Hills CC in Aurora, CO
  • Foursomes are encouraged to join or we will pair you up
  • Golf is $71 per player
  • Dinner is $25 per person and that includes your tip
  • Cash bar
  • Prizes for all kinds of good and goofy stuff
  • Golf is played as a scramble with some twists - rules to follow
  • Invite friends, relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids, wives, and husbands to play with you.  We welcome all!
Please RSVP to this email or directly to me, Bogey Krebs, at  Right now we need a minimum of 5 foursomes like we had last year but we can take more.
Also looking for donations again for prizes.  Let me know what you can do!
Looking forward to a great party to end the year
We need a RSVP from you by June 2nd.  Just respond to this email or to me directly at
  • Tell me if you are in for golf, dinner or both
  • Tell me if you are bringing guests in for golf, dinner or both
  • If you have guest for golf, you will be partnered with them, of course, but....
  • ....if you want to partner with someone in the club, please let me know
  • No need to send any money now - the club will bill you for you and your guests
    • You will be billed if you RSVP, since we have to commit to the golf club and restaurant
  • If you would rather pay up front, send a check payable to the Denver Lions Club to me at 7997 S Shawnee St, Aurora, CO 80016
  • If you want to donate any prizes, we take anything!  Does not need to be golf related.  Dinners, condo use, bottles of wine, bottles of beer, trip around the world.....really, anything!  It's for fun and fellowship!
  • So far, the response has been very good so maybe we can make this one of our biggest yet, (??) but please don't forget to RSVP.
  • And can, and are encouraged, to come for just the dinner.
  • New members, who have not participated in this event in the past, just might be given a little special advantage......
    • we want you there!
Lion Steve Krebsbach
Spotlight On...

Sally Hooks

1- Favorite color?  
    Pink in all flavors
2- Which hobby would you like to spend more time doing?  
    Gardening, especially my roses
3- What's something new that you'd like to try this year?  
     Fly fishing
4- What song or singer gets your toes tapping and your feet moving? 
     Little Brown Jug by Glenn Miller
5- If you had a free day and could do anything you wanted, how would you choose to spend your time?  
     First going to the spa, then 
     reading in my garden and finally
     enjoying a Breckenridge bourbon
​6- What's the best smell in the world?
     Bread baking - especially my
7- What do you like most about being a Lion?
     Serving others with other Lions
8- What would your last meal be if you were on death row and could order anything?  
      Lamb chops, asparagus, red wine and
      creme brulee
9- Which is your favorite four-legged creature and why?  
     Cats - they have such empathy 
​10- If you could witness any event in the past, present or future, what would it be?  
     The inauguration of George Washington
11- Do you believe in ghosts?  
     Of course I believe in ghosts
12- Shark diving, bungee jumping or sky diving? 
      Sky diving
13- Which would you rather give up: coffee or alcohol?  
      Obviously coffee
14- What's your worst pet peeve?  
      People not practicing courtesy in traffic
15- Do you prefer savory snacks or sweet snacks?  
      Mostly sweet snacks but savory with my drinks
Dragon Boat Racing - July 30 
It is time to signup for Dragon Boat Racing.    Everyone who has tried this has had a lot of fun.  This is a family event so bring family, friends, and kids.  There is a lot to do between races.  We have a team tent to relax.
Event: Dragon Boat Racing 
Date:   Racing - Sunday July 30. 
Location;: Sloan Lake
Cost:  $40 for team shirt, snacks and a lot of fun. 
Grill Masters needed at Lion Camp
Calling all grill masters! The Colorado Lions Camp has a great opportunity to get plugged into our camp programs. We are looking for Lions Clubs, service organizations, or families to come to camp on Sunday afternoon and grill hot dogs and hamburgers for our campers and staff while the campers are checking in for their week at camp. The camp provides all the supplies. This is an excellent way to see the camp and to bring new members and show Colorado Lions oldest State project in action!
We just need volunteers that will help cook, serve, and meet our fabulous campers and staff! We need at least 6 volunteers. No experience necessary - just a love to 'serve"!
For more information, call the camp at 719-687-2087 or email us and let us know if you can help!
Lions going to see Annie
PHAMALY is a group of actors who are living with various disabilities and are truly amazing. Their shows are not just good for they are folks with disabilities, they are award-winning shows because their acting and singing is equal too if not better than folks who are abled-bodied.  “Annie” is coming to DCPA in July and includes a three paw dog.  Englewood Lions has a group rate of $27. This is a deal!!!
Join the Englewood Lions for group rates on July 23, 2017 2:00 pm 
To put your name on the Englewood Lions group list contact Lion President Gail  or call: 720-984-8082.
Help support the Club buy King Soopers Cards,
A Call to Action
This weeks edition of A Call to Action is:
Complete the online Dragon Boat survey sent to you by email. 
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May 25, 2018
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Club Office at First Baptist Church
Jun 25, 2018
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Bull and Bush
Jun 29, 2018
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Jul 04, 2018
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Jun 12, 2018
Meeting will be at Savio House
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