Lion Zoom Meeting April 13 2021
Meeting:    Denver Lions Meeting
Date: Tuesday  April 13 2021
Time:  11:45 to Noon - Fellowship
             Noon to 1 pm  - Meeting
Name Change
The Rude Park Board of Directors and the Denver Lions Foundation have approved the change of name for the Rude Park Community Nursery. It will now be known as “Denver Lions Early Learning Center.". 
The purpose of this change is to:
·        Better reflect the purpose of facility today
·        More clearly define the organization as we raise funds for a new building.
·        Substantially increase awareness of the Denver Lions.
o   Credits the Denver Lions for the new building project
o   Provides a rare opportunity for major public relations for the Denver Lions   
This capital campaign to replace the building is the most ambitious Denver Lions project since the Rocky Mountain Lion Eye Institute more than 30 years ago.   Like RMLEI, this is a Denver Lions legacy project.
The capital campaign committee needs more help.  If you want to be part of this legacy project contact Lion Bo Pogue or (303) 818-4718
Denver Lions Leadership
Denver Lions is looking for Club officers in 2021-22.  The open positions are:
  • 2nd Vice President 
  • Secretary
  • 3 - Board of Directors
  • 3 - Foundation Trustees
If you are interested contact Bill Henderson   303.638.8690   henderson_277@msn,com
Bronco Tickets  Last Chance  April 1
It is almost springtime and time to think about Broncos.  The Club has two pairs of Broncos season tickets.   The seats are section 103 rows 13 and 16.  If you ever sat in these seats you would know how great they are.  Up close to the action on about the 30-yard line.  Pure excitement. 
As we did last year we will auction the tickets to Lions..  The process is if you are interested in one or both pairs of tickets send an email to Lion Dwight that you are interested.   He needs to receive the email that you are interested in participating in the auction by April 30.  We will then have a sealed bid auction with the interested Lions.  High bid wins.  
The face value and minimum bid is $3452 for one pair of tickets for the regular season games.  The preseason games are available at no charge.  We usually give the preseason games to Savio house.  The winning bid above the face value can be given the Foundation.  
If you want to be in the auction send an email to Lion Dwight by April 1
Thank you for collecting glasses
Thank you Walmart Southlands for being a collection location for used eyeglasses!
Denver Lions members collect used eyeglasses, which are then taken to facilities where they are cleaned and the prescriptions are read. From there, they are organized, stored, and made available for mission trips to other countries where eyesight care is lacking.  People need to see to succeed. 
You can find eyeglass collection boxes at many optical store and many medical facilities. In addition, many churches and other locations participate in the program.  For more information on this program, as well as a listing of dropbox locations where you can donate your gently-used eyeglasses, visit our website at
Lions Convention News
This years Lions Conventions will be virtual and in person.  Details will be sent by email.  Mark your calendars.  
  • April 10 - Lions District 6C- in person 
  • May 15 – State MD6
  • June 25-29 - Lions Club International
The International Convention provides a unique opportunity to participate in a major convention without having to travel
Lions International Convention 
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