Lion Zoom Meeting February 23 2021
Meeting:    Denver Lions Meeting
Date: Tuesday  February 23
Time:  11:45 to Noon - Fellowship
             Noon to 1 pm  - Meeting
Upcoming Speakers
  • Johanna Kelly - What's New at the Gardens
  • Sarah Jackson - Casa de Paz
Speaker - Johanna Kelly -  Botanic Gardens
What is new and the Denver Botanic Gardens
Johanna Kelly is a fifth generation native to Denver and Colorado.  Her career has been committed to fundraising for non-profit organizations - social service groups, education and cultural organizations.  As the Chief Fundraising Officer for Denver Botanic Gardens since March 2010, she spearheaded the completion of a capital campaign culminating in $116 million raised.  She served as a trustee of The Park People for over 10 years.  When not working and volunteering, Johanna likes to cook, ski and travel.
Service Tuesday  March 2
Our Recycle for Sight eyeglass collection is going strong and we have a lot of eyeglasses at the Lion office.  We are having a Lions Service Tuesday to sort used eyeglasses. 
Event:   Recycle for Sight Sorting
Date:  Tuesday March 2, 2021
Time:  11:30 to 12:30    It will not take us long to sort the glasses.
Where:  First Baptist Church – Basement  1373 Grant St Denver 80203
Food:  Water and snacks
Precautions:  Masks and social distance.  Will have sanitizer
If you have collected glasses bring to the church so we can sort.
Video of February 9 Denver Lions Meeting
In case you missed the last Denver Lions meeting on February 9 below is the link to see the video
Wildlife Protection Solutions is an international wildlife conservation non-profit, headquartered in Colorado, whose mission is to use technology for the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems.
Our team of conservation tech experts has developed a mobile and desktop app to fight wildlife crime in real-time we call wpsWatch. We help provide 24/7 wildlife monitoring wildlife reserves using custom camera traps and software which can detect wildlife threats and prompt an immediate response to active intrusions and illegal activities. 
CLICK HERE  to see video of the meeting
Small things help a lot
Denver Lions Receive Thanks for Promoting Health with a Mini Refrigerator

The Denver Lions have had opportunities to help people with life changing service through community relationships and working with others to find solutions to problems.  This time a purchase that cost less than $100 made a major impact.   

A 51 year old single female, with no family or friends in the Denver area, was in the hospital for about seven months due to severe health issues.  She is currently living in a nursing home and funded by medicaid, but the food options have been insufficient given her cultural background and the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Because healthy food is so crucial to her recovery, the nursing home agreed to let her have a mini-fridge so she could have a supply of fresh food.  The mini-fridge Denver Lions purchased for her is a HUGE step in helping this woman stabilize her health, as reported by her case manager.
Thanks to Lions Myrna Ann and Erika on making this happen
Thanks for collection glasses to be recycled
Thank you to Pam Pryde from Olingers-Crown Hill for being a collection location for used eyeglasses!
Denver Lions members collect used eyeglasses, which are then taken to facilities where they are cleaned and the prescriptions are read. From there, they are organized, stored, and made available for mission trips to other countries where eyesight care is lacking.  People need to see to succeed. 
You can find eyeglass collection boxes at just about any optical store and many medical facilities. In addition, many churches and other locations participate in the program.  For more information on this program, as well as a listing of dropbox locations where you can donate your gently-used eyeglasses, visit our website at
Lions Motorcycle Club
Lion Robert (Bob) Storrs, District 6C 2nd VDG, District 6C NAMI Champion, and Golden Lions Club Treasurer has been diligently working to establish a Lions Motorcycle Club in District 6C.  There have been a handful of participants on Zoom calls since December 2020 and Lion Ron Abo of the Denver Den has participated in most.  The main purpose of a motorcycle club is a chance to ride your motorcycle with other enthusiasts and a Lions MC would raise money for non-profit organizations through sponsored rides, conduct motorcycle riding and safety courses.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the club, contact Lion Ron Abo at 
Milestone Years of Service
Our Denver Lions received letters from Dr. Jung-Yul Choi, International President
Congratulations on completing years as a Lion! To commemorate and recognize your years of service, I am presenting you with the enclosed Milestone Chevron Award.
Presented by Lions Clubs lnternational, the Chevron Award is aptly named after the chevron symbol in reference to a badge or insignia indicating rank or length of service. Your commitment to providing many years of service as a member of our association is honorable and commendable, as you have touched the lives of many. From the smallest project to the largest undertaking, your years of service have made an impact in your community.
Lions Clubs lnternational recognizes the anniversaries of members like you because they are a reminder of the milestones in our lives. The ripple effect of your service has touched the lives of many, and given us the opportunity to celebrate, commemorate and continue to serve United in Kindness and Diversity to make the world a better place.
Congratulations once again on your milestone. I wish you many more healthy and happy years to continue your personal commitment to service.
Dr. Jung-Yul Choi
International President
Robert Sweeney 75,  Emerson Bails 55, Louis Orzolek 55, Robert Backus 50, Timothy Soule 45,, William Adams 40, Albert T T Cook 40 ,Donald Smith 40, Dottie Lynn 35, Michael James 30, Terry Lutts 30, John Molberg 30, Michael Taravella 30, Myrna Ann Adkins 25, J Bronwyn Bateman 25, Douglas Brown 25, Eric Jasper 20, Steven Krebsbach 20, Dianne Pape 20, Dwight Steen 20, Bemelekot Tewahade, 20 David Adams 15, Sally Hooks 15, Naresh Mandava 15, Aaron Azari 10, Mark Williamson 10, Adam Writer 10,
 Combined Years of Service 805
Speaker Ideas
We are always looking for speakers for our meetings.  Most of our speaker ideas come from our members.  If you know someone with and interesting topic let us know.   We schedule our speaker’s months in advance.   Currently our open dates are in April.  Please send ideas to Lion Fletcher   303.619.8486
Outdoor Drop Box Project
The Colorado Lions State Council approved applying for a public relations grant for installing outdoor Recycle for Site Drop Box throughout the state.   These would be the same drop book outside the Baptist Church – Lions office on Grant Street.  If you have a specific location idea please contact Lion Fletcher or Lion Dwight
Difficulty Logging On
Some Lions and guests had difficulty logging on the last Zoom meeting,   This was my error with the wrong meeting settings.  There should not be a problem with future Zoom meetings.  
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