Lion Meeting Tues February 27
Event;  Denver Lions Club
DateTuesday, January 9, 2024
Time: Noon
Location: American Legion Post 1, located at 5400 E. Yale, Denver CO 8022   (Yale and I25)
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Need help at vision events
February volunteer opportunities
  • Lions vision screening and exams for those in need
    • Location: Aurora Community Connection 9801 E Colfax Ave Aurora
    • Date: Saturday, February 24
    • Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
    • Contact: Steve Kinsky  303.263.3901
    • The majority of patients will be members of a refugee community from Venezuela. We will have recycled eyeglasses from the Colorado Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center for distribution to those in need. Breakfast snacks and lunch will be provided.
  • Colorado Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center
    • Location: 4605 Monaco Street, Denver 80216
    • Date: Saturday, March 2
    • Time: 10 am to 2 pm
    • Contact: Dwight Steen 303.653.8780
KidSight Co-Chair
In order to continue with the Denver Lions KidSight program we need to have co-chair and volunteer screeners.  KidSight is very rewarding.  When you are screening and find a kid that needs to be referred for further eye exams exams you know that you made a difference in that kid's life.  Over the years the Denver Lions have screened thousands of kids and referred hundreds.
Contact Lion Fletcher Brown if you would like to know what is involved with being a co-chair and a screening volunteer
January sorting event
We had another successful Recycled for Sight sorting event.  It is estimated we sorted through more than 20,000 glasses.  The problem is we are collecting and sorting glasses at a far greater rate than we are processing glasses at COLERC.  RFS is not just about collecting glasses but to process glasses for worldwide mission trips.  
Lion Mentoring
Several months ago, seven of our members commenced a program that involves assigning an experienced Lion to mentor each new Denver Den member. So far, the program has provided these new Lions the opportunity to develop a relationship with dedicated Lions who can explain more about our club, including especially the importance and value of getting directly and immediately involved in Club activities. All mentors have reported positive interactions with their mentees and mentees share the mentors’ enthusiasm.
As we greet more new members, we need to increase our number of mentors to encourage early involvement in Club activities and educate them about the Club. If you are interested in this opportunity to help new members, please contact me and we can discuss what to expect from the mentoring experience.
My contact information: e-mail; cell and text: 303-915-9605.
Finally, on a personal note: To me the primary benefit of mentoring is the development of the reLatIONShip!! Thanks for your attention to this matter. – Lion Doug Brown
New Shades at COLERC
Upcoming Speakers
Lion Steve Kinsky has lined up some great speakers for the Denver Lions Meetings.   Guests are always welcome
  • Dave Newman -  March 12
  • Dianne Christian - April 4
  • Jenna Matthews - Denver Waste Management April 23
  • Mark Masto - Foresight Adventure - May 14
  • Jef Reisig- October 8
Lions Float in Rose Parade
Travels with Flossie
I was walking around Carlow City this evening and came across this used bookstore run by Lions. People donate the books and the proceeds fund their service Projects (they recycle glasses too and also provide hampers and I believe baby supplies for young families).  One year the store net 30,000 Euros.  This is all according to Lion Patrick who I chatted with (and was wearing a Lions pin). 
Belated Christmas Story at Learning Center
The DLELC board had gathered and were meeting with the staff at the Lions early childcare center in Denver’s Rude Park.  Christmas gifts were wrapped and in the hallway, one coat and wrapped gift for every child.  Instead of giving the gifts out to the kids in class, the staff of Mile High Early Learning, who operate our Lions early learning center, suggested we give the parents options.  I didn’t fully understand the reasoning until the first parent arrived.
One of the early learning staff greeted a parent coming to pick up his child. In Spanish, she conveyed to the father that the Lions had a wrapped gift and a winter coat for his child.  He smiled meekly.  Then she went on to give him the option to give these to his child today, or that he could take them and put them under the tree for his child.  The father’s eyes teared up and a broad grin appeared. 
The father took those gifts out to the car and put them in the trunk so his child would not see them, before returning to pick up the child and head home.  The staff related to us that the parents had almost nothing, so the father was relieved and grateful that their child would now have presents to unwrap on Christmas morning.  As you can imagine, tears filled the Lions members eyes as she relayed this to us.
Lions Newsletters
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District 6C cabinet meeting
All Lions invited 
Event: District 6c cabinet meeting
Date March 2
Time: 9:40 am to noon
Location: First Baptist Church 1373 Grant St Denver 
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