Important Lion Dates
  • July 4th with Golden Lions
  • Dragon Boat Festival - July 27- 28
  • Eye Bank Circle of Light  - Sat Aug 24
  • Lions Picnic - Saturday, Aug 31
  • Denver Lions Board Retreat  Saturday, Sept 4
  • Thomas the Train at Railroad Museum  September 7/8, 14/15, 21/22
  • First Lions Meeting of the year - Tuesday, Sept 8
Induction of Club Officers
The 2019-2020 Denver Lions Officers were inducted at the last Club meeting.  We appreciate these Lions for their service. 
Denver Lions Club Offices
  • President – William Henderson
  • 1st VP – Brian Henderson
  • 2nd VP – Loree Vanderhye
  • Treasurer – Dwight Steen
  • Secretary – Steve Kinsky
  • Immediate Past President – Susy Osorio Kinksy
  • Board of Directors
    • Denny Holmes
    • Dottie Lynn
    • Norma Aguilar Dave
    • Steve Krebsbach
    • Ned Nagle
Lion Bill receiving Presidents pin and Lion Susy the Past President pin
Denver Lions Foundation
  • President – Dan Kiel
  • Secretary – Bo Pogue
  • Treasurer – Mark Williamson
  • Immediate Past President – Sally Hooks
  • Foundation Trustees
    • Brien Heider
    • Russ Lynn
    • Emerson Bails
    • Marie Wheatley
    • Robert McCormick
Lion Sally passing Foundation light to Lion Dan
Rude Park Child Care Center
  • President – Dottie Lynn
  • Co-VP – Tish Taylor, Mark Williamson
  • Secretary – Patrick Samuels
  • Treasurer – William Henderson
  • Board of Directors
    • Rod Wicklund
    • Denny Holmes
    • Russ Lynn
    • Roy Martinez
    • Len McCain
Savio House
  • President – Ron Abo
  • VP - Robert McCormick
  • Secretary – Charles Anderson
  • Treasurer – Troy Dumlao
  • Legal – Lance Eberhart
  • Board of Trustees
    • Dianne Pape
    • Bill Adams
    • Cleo Rauchway
    • Vonnie Hergett
Lion Emerson Award
We have a Lion that does not stop serving the community and club. He has held every office of the Club, Foundation, Rude, Awards include Melvin Jones Fellow, Key Member, Lion of Year, and Life member.  At the last Lion meeting of the year, we recognize him one more time.  This time the award is something he can use.  For 10 years, starting when he was about 82, Lion Emerson has been sorting eyeglasses for the Recycle for Sight program. We figure he has touched over 100,000 eyeglasses in the past 10 years.  The Colorado Recycled for Sight program just shipped worldwide one million glasses since it was started in 2001. (see article below)    We presented Emerson  a picture with the last shipment to Sterling and a mug with “Emerson – The Man, The Myth, the Legend.”  Thank you for your many years of service. 
Lion of the Year

President Susy presenting Secretary (husband) Steve the Lions of the Year Award for 2018-19 for service “above and beyond.”

Recycle for Sight - One Million Glasses

Article in the Journal-Advocate in Sterling, CO  March 9, 2019 

The Sterling Lions Club’s eyeglasses program recently reached a big milestone: shipping its one-millionth pair of eyeglasses from Sterling.

The program began in 2001 by then Lion President Myron Graybill. The Colorado Lions Used Eyeglass Program is a state service project headquartered in Sterling ad administered by the Sterling Lions Club. Glasses are collected from all over the state of Colora! do and parts of Wyoming. From 2001 through June 30, 2018, the program shipped 951,604 pair of glasses. As of Januar 31, another 13,760 had been sent out. The latest shipment of 46,920 pair to Feed The Children puts the program at 1,012,285 pair shipped to various charities, church groups, and individuals worldwide.

The program works in association with Logan Industries, whose clients remove glasses from cases, sort and check for broken glasses. Then the glasses are taken to the Sterling Correctional Facility where selected inmates wash the glasses, read the prescriptions using a lensometer, bag them and place a label with the prescription on the bag. The inmates usually process 1,500 pair per week.

The glasses are then placed in boxes and the Lions pick them up and take them to Wells Fargo Bank to sort them based on their prescription. The glasses are sorted by single vision plus or minus, multivision plus or minus, or readers, and placed in french fry boxes from Wendy’s to be stored until needed by a group, charity or individual. Sunglasses are sorted between non-prescription and prescription. When an order is received, the boxes are shipped by UPS, hand delivered to the requesting group or in the case of Feed The Children, taken to Mead Lumber Co. to be placed on pallets, shrink wrapped for shipping and stored until pi! cked up by their truck.

The Lions Club could not process all these glasses without the help and cooperation of all the people from Colorado and Wyoming who donate the glasses as well as Logan Industries, Sterling Correctional Facility, Wendy’s Hamburgers, Wells Fargo Bank for the use of the upstairs rooms, Mead Lumber and the Sterling Lions Eyeglass Committee, who work on this project each Tuesday.

The Lions motto is "We Serve." This project does indeed follow the motto as sight projects are one of the cornerstones of Lions International. The Sterling Lions Club will be celebrating our 100th year of service to the Sterling community in 2020.


Dragon Boat Race Team
This year we will not have a Lions Dragon Boat Race team.  We will be back next year.  However, we received word that some teams may need additional paddlers.  If you are interested in paddling this year contact Lion Myra Ann who will put you in touch with a race team.   303.880.8219 
Jamie Giellis - Mayoral Candidate

President Susy presenting the book commemorating our Denver Den’s centennial to mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis, after her meeting presentation at Savio House.

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A Call to Action
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