Lion Zoom Meeting
Meeting:    Denver Lions Meeting
Date: Tuesday  October 13 
Time: Noon - 1 pm
Speaker - Scott Wolf - North HS Principal
Scott Wolf has been a school leader at North High School for the past 8 years, the last 6 as the principal.  In his time as the principal, he has brought the graduation rate above the district goal of 85% and has a dropout rate of 0.9%, showing that all students are intentionally being supported in post-secondary programs.  These positive end results have led North’s enrollment to double from 779 students to over 1550 students this year.  In addition to strong academic growth, North is a national model visitation site for Restorative Practices, became a 1:1 device school, is the only high school in Denver offering comprehensive health and wellness classes, and is the high school teacher training academy Denver Public Schools due to the strength of instruction in the building.  Scott was a 2004 Teach For America Corps Member in San Jose, California where he was the Silicon Valley Teacher of the Year in 2008 and worked on Teach For America Staff in Colorado from 2009 - 2013.  When Scott is not at school, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two beautiful daughters.
New Member Lion Alexis Urquuhart
1). Name, spouse/partner name, kids, grandkids - Alexis Urquhart, living single and free!
2). Where were you born and raised? I was born in Amish country outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I bounced around the midwest growing up (Indiana, Illinois in the far southern suburbs of Chicago, and back to central Ohio).
3). Current job or retired job - School Transformation Facilitator at a Southwest Denver Middle School. That entails a lot of number crunching to understand our students' baseline data, how they're growing, and setting good goals for students and our school. I also facilitate intervention meetings that help provide the right supports for students that are at-risk in Attendance, Behavior or Course Performance (the ABCs). 
4). Hobby or interests - Fiction reading, Gardening, Movies (all kinds - I have seen more movies than anyone else I've met), Cooking (but not baking), Art classes, yoga, TRAVEL (I'm itching to travel again, especially internationally), languages (spanish).
5). I joined the Denver Lions because…. I've been in Denver long enough but never felt like a true participant or contributor. The organization has a long and valued history of improving a comnunity and people and I want to be part of that.
6). What I hope to accomplish as a Lion - I'm excited to get out and volunteer, participate in discussions and connect with community members. I'm ready to mingle!
7). What three words best describe you - Vibrant, good listener, flexible
8). Name a couple of bucket list items for you - I have several places lined up to visit once things calm down: Georgia (the country not the state), the Baltics and hopefully Bhutan. I have a banjo gathering dust in a closet I'd love to learn how to play. I want to make really great french bread. I've been ruminating a lot on a screenplay I'd like to write.
9). When you were a child, what did you want to do when you grew up? I thought a lawyer would be perfect for me (until I worked at a law office for almost a decade). I also wanted to be a therapist and help people by listening.
10) What was one of your biggest accomplishments? From a personal level, I see my changing careers as a big and scary accomplishment. I quit my job in the legal field and moved to Costa Rica for 2 years to get my MBA, and now I'm working in education in Denver. I can also play six degrees of Kevin Bacon extremely well.
11) Where did you go to school? My undergrad is from Ohio University (political science with minors in film and spanish) and my MBA from INCAE Business school in Alajuela, Costa Rica.  
11) What else should we know about you? First, I'm looking to transition away from my current job at the end of this school year, and I'm eager to learn from folks' experience at the Lions - I want something different and I'm exploring what's out there and what suits me. I'd love to pick brains as I get to know everyone more! Second, If you've got tech/media/handiwork issues, you can always ask me- I may not be able to help, but I'll always try! Lastly, I can both prune apple trees and make applesauce and pie - you never know when that might come in handy.
Baptist Church Renovation 
The First Baptist Church of Denver is proud to serve as the home-base for the Denver Lions’ Club. Over the past several months our property staff and committee members have been working hard to have our facility in a good, safe, and refreshed manner so that it is ready to be used by the many who pass through our doors once we get through this pandemic season.
First Baptist Church is grateful for the generous grant from the Denver Lions’ Foundation that covered the painting of our hallways, several key rooms, and entryways. We hope you can see the “wow-factor” our renovated, historic facility now has in pictures accompanying this article. More than that, we will be ready to welcome the Lions’ Club back soon as we resume meetings, events, and service opportunities and then you will witness in person all the work accomplished.
We are most appreciative of the many people who made these renovations possible. Thank you again Lions for helping us do together what none of us can do on our own. 
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