Lions Rude Park Child Care Expansion
You will not want to miss the Lions club meeting on March 13.   It is an exciting time for Rude Park.  Dottie Lynn, President Rude Park Board, will present the expansion plans for Rude Park.
A nursery school was first established in 1932 in Rude Park by the Junior League. By 1958, the nursery, now operated by the Community Chest was forced to vacate the building that they occupied because of substandard conditions. Because of this unfortunate circumstance and the need for childcare in this neighborhood, Denver Lions Club took on a project to build and operate a new child care facility and in 1959 the doors were opened to a new 4,000 square foot building for sixty children. The center is now operated by Mile High early Learning. Mile High Early Learning is Denver's oldest and largest provider of subsidized quality early childhood care and education - serving thousands of Denver's vulnerable children every year since 1970. Mile High Early Learning is inspired by the Montessori approach to education.
By 2017, Lions Rude Park Child Care Center had shrunk enrollment to 40 children due to regulatory requirements. The building was approaching 60 years old with the last update in 1989, the operation of the facility was becoming unsustainable. The demand for quality early learning child care is constantly increasing. The Board of Rude Park Child Care Center, made up of members of the Denver Lions Club, again took on a project to build a new facility that would accommodate more children and be a state of the art facility that would be sustainable, a model of early learning educational practices, and an iconic place in the community.
Lions Rude Park Child Care located in the Sunnyside neighborhood and is much needed by the residents.  Sunnyside is going through a major redevelopment and it is now time to completely redo and expand the Lions Rude Park Child Care.
The expansion plan will cost $3.5 million and take an estimated sixteen months to complete.  The project will not start until all the funds needed are acquired through grants and donations.  The Mile High Early Learning board and the Denver Lions Foundation board have approved the project.
 The Lions Rude Park Board will present their plans and ask for Denver Lions members for their approval.
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