“You Are Getting Sleepy: How to Sleep Better Anywhere”
Jan 23, 2018
Mark Reagan - Hypnotist and Sleep
“You Are Getting Sleepy: How to Sleep Better Anywhere”

Mark Reagan is a sleep consultant, speaker, and hypnotist. He helps clients and audiences improve their quality of sleep and get over insomnia to be more productive and healthier. When he’s not working with clients or speaking, he’s using hypnosis to entertain on stage and at intimate parties.

Mark is a certified hypnotist through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a registered psychotherapist through the State of Colorado.

He also likes to give back to the community and volunteers as a storyteller with Spellbinders to tell myths, legends, and folktales to elementary students.

You can find him online at http://markreagan.com

  • What lost sleep is costing you and how most people are sleep deprived even if they don’t realize it. ​
  • What makes us sleep. ​
  • Sleep habits to work on to help you start getting the sleep you need to be at your best… and not just on the weekend.And through an entertaining hypnosis portion several easy mental techniques to help you relax and sleep at night whether you’re at home or on the road