Name: David Lambert
Family – Married to Anne Lambert, 3 grown Children Brian (wife Retta)(1 Daughter Winter), Stephen ( Wife Cora)
(1 Daughter Terra, 2 Sons  Caelum and Cyrus), Alexandra Streble (Husband Frank)(Barren, just kidding, no children).
College: Colorado School Of Mines BSME
Hometown: Denver, CO
My job if working or last job if retired: Owner Manager Allwell Rents
I like Lions because: We Serve and it allows me to be with people who want to serve our community.
I am interested in: Many things, Business, Mountain Biking, Cooking, Skiing, Education, general learning.
My very first job was …Janitor at my father's drug store
Do you have any skills or talents that not very many people know about .: Good cook
Name three words that describe you: Friendly, Sincere, Tenacious
What are you happiest doing, when you are not working: Mountain Biking, Being with friends, being with family
What are some causes you care most about. Education and life opportunities for the disabled. The environment and relation to economics,
What is something you want to do before you die: The obvious answer is live but you are probably looking for Sail a boat around the Carribean or Mediterainian or both.
When you were a 10 year old what did you want to be when you grew up. Long time ago. I think at 10 I wanted to be a super hero.
What is something other members may not know about you: We play bridge and like to travel, They may not know about my love of Mountain Biking (about 25years)