Bring a friend to a meeting.
We've talked a lot about how to invite people and what to do when you invite people and how to think about it. We've talked about the three-minute egg timer so that you spend at least three minutes a week thinking about who you might invite and ask to join our gang: people who like to serve, people who are good company, people who have a heart for helping people. But here's the question of the week: Have you admitted to anybody lately that you're a Lion? Have you admitted it? Come on. Have you told a story about what goes on at a Lion’s function, what goes on at a Lions luncheon? Have you talked about the golf tournament? Have you invited somebody to the golf tournament yet? Have you told them about that child who now has glasses and was previously struggling in school? Have you told them about the cornea transplants? Have you talked about any of these things? Because one of the things we do is just share with people what you do in Lions, what you've contributed to and what you've taken part in.  They just might be drawn to our club. They might ask you if they can come with you. So if you're having trouble asking somebody, maybe somebody will ask you if they can join you after you tell a Lions story. Maybe, after sharing a story you won't even have to ask them. This is just a concept you might try. I don't see a lot of guests today, so I think you're not asking enough or not telling enough stories. So maybe you should tell and wait for them to ask you. That's it for today. 
Bring a friend to the Lion Mixer at Lion Dwight's home on October 15.