RMLEIF Report, July 2020 Fellow Lions,
Families and Friends, Wyoming and Colorado Lions have exceeded our Mission 20/20! Goal! Because of the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in, your RMLEIF has effectively suspended our fund-raising activities for Mission 20/20! and pleased to announce we have exceeded our goal to contribute $250,000 for the necessary equipment to fill 5 new examination rooms currently under construction.
 Local funds from Wyoming and Colorado Lions will be matched with LCIF matching grants to make our gift nearly $ 300,000! An area containing 6 new examination rooms will be named recognizing the Lions’ contribution.
 There is still work to be done to close out our financial goal, but we are moving forward with that effort and hope to be complete by year’s end.
Our thanks to all that have helped in this important effort through individual financial contributions and the various Lions Clubs of Colorado and Wyoming donations. Once we have the final work complete, we will be issuing special thanks to all that helped reach this goal.
 Last year we were all saddened by the passing of Lion Harold Hein, one of the founders of the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation and long-time Treasurer. For his miraculous contribution, the new examination hallway will be named in his honor.
We welcome Lion PDG Bob Johannes from Fraser (Colorado 6W), Lion Scott Nesman (Colorado 6 NE) and PDG Dave Orr (SD 15) to our board. They will be serving three-year terms with meetings every-other month.
There will be new and exciting challenges ahead for your RMLEIF as we come to the end of our Mission 20/20! Campaign and launch into a new era.
As of this writing, thankfully all your Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation Board of Directors’ members are safe and healthy. Stay safe, stay healthy and as always, where there is a need, there is a LION!
Sincerely, Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation Board of Directors