Reconditioned Glasses Shipped
Glasses Shipped from Sterling
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 Sterling Lions has sorted 49,200 pair of processed glasses in the current fiscal year at their Tuesday afternoon sessions. They still sort every week in the summer while the club is on vacation. Due to the Covid 19 shutdowns, no sorting has been done since March 10. 2020. It is unknown when we can begin again.
 The Sterling Correctional Facility shut down all volunteer programs on March 12, 2020 due to the Covid 19 outbreak. We have received no processed eye glasses since March 10, so our program is essentially shut down for the time being..
 The company in Missouri that buys a limited amount of prescription sunglasses from us is still generating income for our program. We receive $400 for each shipment of 5 boxes. He will also purchase Ray Ban, Oakley and Maui Jim prescription, sunglasses and cases as well as "paddle" bowed glasses. Received an additional $5,344.00 for the new products in the fiscal year. That is worth the effort of looking for them.
 Our program is about 19 years old and we are working on our second million pair shipped! All Colorado Lions Clubs should be proud of their efforts in collecting and sorting used eyeglasses.
Used Hearing Aids:
We do take used hearing aids in our collection boxes and either send them on to the Texas Lions Recycling Center or use them in the Sterling Lions Hearing Aid program. I-CI carries a Hearing Aid Recycling decal (IAD-19) that can be added to the eyeglass recycling box.
Mission Groups:
If anyone knows of a mission group that wants to take glasses to developing countries, they can contact David Conley at 970-522-1319-home, 970-520-3840-cell, or for more information or an order form. Glasses are FREE and the only expense to the ordering party is shipping the glasses to them. We almost always have enough stock on hand to fulfill any order.